Eva Aspalter | 21.01.2020
Julia Widy joins ATMOS Aerosol Research
  1. Eva Aspalter | 15.11.2019

    The power of collaboration!

    Experts describe a new therapy for cystic fibrosis patients as a breakthrough. Seldom has there been so much hope for a cure! The Vienna CF Centre, which is supported by ATMOS with donations, took part in the study!
  2. Eva Aspalter | 02.10.2019

    Children’s photographer Antje Wolm donates part of her turnover

    Antje Wolm has a vision. With "Franz und Franzi" she wants to revolutionize kindergarten and elementary school photography in Austria. And with that also support ATMOS! Because the Berlin native donates a part of her turnover. So every donated Euro flows without deductions and in equal parts into the CF emergency aid and research.
  3. Maria Dietrich | 29.07.2019

    Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au has won Science & Technology Museum in Xingtai – ATMOS provides good air

    Coop Himmelb(l)au, the world-renowned, avant-garde architectural studio located in Vienna, has won the international competition for the "Science & Technology Museum" in Xingtai, a city with 7.3 million inhabitants and China's most air-polluted city. The concept is part of a newly designed cultural district, which is why it offers wide public green spaces and clean air using innovative technology.
  4. Jacqueline Gindy | 09.07.2019

    ATMOS technology inspires Renault

    ATMOS Aerosol Research presented its unique airborne particle analysis technology to Renault.