Eva Aspalter | 30.10.2020
ATMOS RHEA Atmospheric monitoring station starts field tests in Vienna and Linz
  1. Eva Aspalter | 09.10.2020

    Eveline Skarek tunes people with lung diseases into singing

    Eveline Skarek is an art therapist and singing teacher. She primarily supports people with lung diseases, such as asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis and provides them with a unique concept that combines special breathing training and simple singing. She leads a choir for singing people with lung disease, and sings passionately herself in her jazz band "SAY YES & keep swinging. The dedicated singer was a guest at ATMOS.
  2. Maria Dietrich | 24.04.2020

    ATMOS Resort & Research: Corona Crisis fuels the search for the best air quality

    The Covid-19 pandemic confirms research approach of ATMOS Aerosol Research: using cutting-edge technology to measure air quality and the 'breathing' architecture of Coop Himmelb(l)au in order to improve prevention and the recovery of patients with respiratory diseases. Real-time data and monitoring systems will allow people to see what kind of air they are moving in and to find places for recovery - also for people recovering from coronavirus disease.
  3. Eva Aspalter | 21.04.2020


    ATMOS Aerosol Research feilte die letzten Monate an einem Sensorensystem, das die Luftqualität während der Fahrt misst. Der erste ATMOScooters ist bereits auf der Straße unterwegs. In Zukunft werden die E-Scooter, neben dem Fahrdienst, wertvolle wissenschaftliche Daten sammeln, mit der die Luftqualität genauer erforscht werden kann.
  4. Chris Müller | 29.03.2020

    Covid-19 and air pollution – fine dust could be a silent helper of the virus

    The corona virus could show us in a dramatic way what we have failed to eradicate for years: air pollution. Italian scientists see a link between the severity of Covid-19 diseases and the level of air pollution. The reason: heavily pre-loaded lungs and the assumption that the virus uses particulate matter as a "means of transport", which would mean more potential sources of infection in regions such as the Po Valley. ATMOS Aerosol Research provides similar approaches here and tries to investigate the connection in more detail.