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ATMOS offers help, relaxation and a place to breathe freely to cystic fibrosis patients and their relatives. Support the fight against mucoviscidosis.

the fight against mucoviscidosis

ATMOS is a great vision that is becoming reality step by step. The Linz-based is the head of the development company with the goal of acquiring investors and an appropriate operating company and communicating the idea of ATMOS.
The project moves the disease mucoviscidosis into the public spotlight and collects funds to support affected families directly and the research on a long-term basis. The goal is to eradicate this disease in the next ten years.

Please direct your donations for the fight against mucoviscidosis to the following institutions:

Direct Help

Mucoviscidosis Help Upper Austria

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CF-Center Children’s Clinic

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If you would like to support the construction of ATMOS, please contact:
Dr. Maria Dietrich
ATMOS Selfness Resort | GmbH
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