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Like a silver line on the horizon...

…ATMOS sparkles a thousand times in the Mediterranean sun, heralding the good life in forward-looking architecture designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au. ATMOS – conceived as an avant-garde selfness resort, as a biomechanical temple of the muses, as the headwaters of inspiration. ATMOS is a beacon of light on the Costa de la Creatividad.

ATMOS is therefore also a palace of airs for all those who frequently lack air for breathing. This affects guests, mucoviscidosis patients and relatives in equal measures. From the beach to the mountain top, the reception to the suite, ATMOS offers a fresh breeze that carries a touch of healing salt.

A resort that takes advantage of the special climatic conditions of its location to draw particularly invigorating air through every pore of the avant-garde temple. In addition to the vitalizing effect, it is also a resort that offers CF patients and patients with related lung diseases like COPD a place of relaxation.