Recuperation, inspiration, creation
ATMOS combines unique possibilities for sharpening the mind, relaxing the body and activating new resources in oneself.

Atmos and the Knossos Palace

The composition of the apartments is related to the concept of the Knossos Palace: Urban elements like private housing units, public gardens and generous courtyards with diff erent functions are embedded into the surrounded landscape.

Place Making

Building in a landscape environment requires strong place-making and identity. This is accomplished by a unique design of special venues and the exclusive appearance of the apartment units which are inspired by traditional vault structures, translated into our time.


The program of the resort is related to nature, wellness and beauty.
Regeneration should be found in the experience of landscape, art, music and social events which all could take place in an urban surrounding as well as in most private space.

The arrangement of the hotel functions like a small city where public and private spaces co-exist. The Palace of Knossos is used as a reference and starting point of the design process.


The site is seen as the biggest asset of the project and bears the greatest potential for the design. The buildings and the landscape create one continuous environment with fluent connections between inside and outside


Building layout not only respects the terrain but is orientated to optimize use of sun and wind.

ATMOS – a city that breathes.

Mikro climate

Traditional construction method (high thermal mass) allows the accumulation of solar heat during the day and the slow release of heat at night. Natural cross ventilation cools interior space. Water vapour passes over the pools and creates a pleasant micro climate. Gardens provides higher oxygen levels within the environment.

Makro climate

Air from the main wind direction is cooling the housing units and creates a refreshing climate at the private terraces. Natural water resources (surface runoff and rainfall) are collected to supply water for both internal building use and outdoor green space.


This resort is designed for a property on the seashore that gets optimal benefits from the salt content of the air. Maritme aerosols – especially tiny, saline particles that are airborne when the waves break – loosen secretions in the mucous membranes, assisting in the expectoration from congested bronchi. They have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin as well. The ocean climate also has a soothing and strengthening influence on the bronchi. Ocean air consists of a high level of salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements. This combination stimulates the immune response of the skin and respiratory organs. The circulatory system and metabolism also get a boost. With its unique design and the organic roofs of the individual chalets, the entire resort inhales the healing salt.

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