Eva Aspalter | 30.10.2020
ATMOS RHEA Atmospheric monitoring station starts field tests in Vienna and Linz
  1. Maria Dietrich | 18.02.2020

    Walter Huemer ist the new CIO at ATMOS

    He puts ideas on the ground and transforms them into prototypes ready for series production. Walter Huemer is a powerful asset for the ATMOS Aerosol Research Alliance. He strengthens the team with IT brilliance and entrepreneurial thinking as Chief Information Officer.
  2. Eva Aspalter | 21.01.2020

    Julia Widy joins ATMOS Aerosol Research

    Julia Widy joins the ATMOS team for the introduction of new air measurement solutions. Her focus is, among other things, on the topic IOT (Internet of Things). Julia brings refreshing ideas to the table and impresses with her particularly dynamic approach.
  3. Eva Aspalter | 15.11.2019

    The power of collaboration!

    Experts describe a new therapy for cystic fibrosis patients as a breakthrough. Seldom has there been so much hope for a cure! The Vienna CF Centre, which is supported by ATMOS with donations, took part in the study!
  4. Eva Aspalter | 02.10.2019

    Children’s photographer Antje Wolm donates part of her turnover

    Antje Wolm has a vision. With "Franz und Franzi" she wants to revolutionize kindergarten and elementary school photography in Austria. And with that also support ATMOS! Because the Berlin native donates a part of her turnover. So every donated Euro flows without deductions and in equal parts into the CF emergency aid and research.
  5. Maria Dietrich | 29.07.2019

    Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au has won Science & Technology Museum in Xingtai – ATMOS provides good air

    Coop Himmelb(l)au, the world-renowned, avant-garde architectural studio located in Vienna, has won the international competition for the "Science & Technology Museum" in Xingtai, a city with 7.3 million inhabitants and China's most air-polluted city. The concept is part of a newly designed cultural district, which is why it offers wide public green spaces and clean air using innovative technology.