Recreation, inspiration, creation
ATMOS combines unique possibilities for sharpening the mind, relaxing the body and activating new resources in oneself.

The resource of the future

The international competition for the creative class requires special locations that promote and reveal the innovative potential of our society. In a growing number of industrial sectors, robots continuously take over tasks that were previously done by humans. Supply chains are changing, productivity is finding new forms, lean management is being reconsidered, capacities and resources are shifting. The resource that is now as sought-after as gold is creativity. Because – according to our latest information – this is precisely what robots are lacking.

The Belmondo-Effect

The alloy of creativity consists of basic social substances that are indispensable to the constant renewal of society. Treasures that are bartered as insights, utopias or visions instead of being fossilized. Values created by art, culture, research or education that increase through mining. Just as there have been incubators for pioneering spirits and networking systems – such as co-working spaces and digital hubs – since the start of the digital age, similar driving forces are needed for innovative power in the technical and industrial sectors. Industrial facilities no longer require billions of Euros in investments, since machines such as 3D printers continue to get cheaper and have already conquered the consumer market. So this calls for locations that promote creativity, stimulate the imagination, understand research as a resource and establish new networks.

(This passage is spurred by the Belmondo effect, which specifically describes the belief in the design of a better future. More information at

Pilgrim sites and icons

Architecture is a collective projection surface; architecture is a symbol of identity; architecture gives myths a location and visions a form – regardless of language and culture. ATMOS is an emblem of a better life not just for those affected by mucoviscidosis. It is also a cradle of creativity, a place in which you take an extroverted look into the future, fuel the urge to move forward with playfulness, proceed daringly, and let utopias find a breeding ground. ATMOS creates an ecology where excellent achievements flourish. Based loosely on Aristotle, ATMOS is a place where economic practice is not a purpose in itself but rather one that is a means to a fulfilled and good life.