Maria Dietrich | 29.07.2019
Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au has won Science & Technology Museum in Xingtai – ATMOS provides good air
  1. Jacqueline Gindy | 09.07.2019

    ATMOS technology inspires Renault

    ATMOS Aerosol Research presented its unique airborne particle analysis technology to Renault.
  2. Jacqueline Gindy | 05.07.2019

    Tina Heckler supports ATMOS

    "The unique privilege of a carefree life also entails obligations for me personally," says Tina Heckler, who is a great supporter of ATMOS and has been managing WEITBLICK since 2017. She met Chris Müller during a private appointment about two years ago. She hadn't known his story and ATMOS before and was enthusiastic about the vision of the project "When I got to know Chris Müller in 2017 and he told me about his initiative ATMOS and his motives, he caught me from the first second".
  3. Jacqueline Gindy | 05.06.2019

    SORAVIA Space – Urban development 4.0 from space.

    As an innovative developer, SORAVIA is constantly looking for new methods, technologies and cooperation partners in order to develop urban spaces in the scene of a sustainable society. Through the technology of ATMOS Aerosol Research, SORAVIA can carry out air quality and changes, gaps in the urban development and permeant air monitoring on the ground from the space. The effect of intelligent interventions, such as flattening of the motorway along the Trlllple project, thus become visible and measurable.
  4. Maria Dietrich | 19.03.2019

    “Star(t)up” ATMOS Aerosol Research in Paris

    The most detailed and highest-quality air measurements to date currently come from Linz: ATMOS Aerosol Research uses satellites from NASA, ESA and others to measure harmful and health-promoting air particles that are invisible to humans but are inhaled daily. The technology from ATMOS Aerosol Research makes these tiny aerosols visible in a new way. This is why it was the first company to be chosen to open the #AUTFRA Landing Zone at the Paris Foreign Trade Centre to fight the global problem from here. Already 90% of the world's population is exposed to polluted air, which is partly responsible for three of the five leading causes of death.