Children’s photographer Antje Wolm donates part of her turnover

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Support for ATMOS

Children's photographer Antje Wolm donates part of her turnover

Antje Wolm has a vision. With “Franz und Franzi” she wants to revolutionize kindergarten and elementary school photography in Austria. And with that also support ATMOS! Because the Berlin native donates a part of her turnover. So every donated Euro flows without deductions and in equal parts into the CF emergency aid and research.

“I am lucky to live in a family that does not have to deal with such challenges as the children and parents concerned. This makes it all the more important for me to pass on this blessing and support those affected with my possibilities,” explains Antje Wolm, who was very touched by the unusually innovative ATMOS concept. As a multiplicator, she will draw further attention to ATMOS in the future and contribute to cystic fibrosis being increasingly noticed by the public!

Charming kindergarten and school photography

Antje Wolm has lived in Linz for 11 years and has been a freelance photographer since 2018. With Franz and Franzi she pursues the goal of giving kindergarten and school photography a charming, stylish and loving character.

The photographer focuses on authenticity: “Real Franz and Franzi pictures are always created when I can take pictures of children with the camera in an unbiased and casual way while playing and having fun. Whether shy, funny, cheeky, energetic or a mixture of everything – in any case the children are just as they are, right. And it can stay that way in front of the lens!”