ATMOS technology inspires Renault

Jacqueline Gindy Jacqueline Gindy

ATMOS technology inspires Renault

ATMOS Aerosol Research presented its unique airborne particle analysis technology to Renault.

The team of ATMOS has dealt with the problem of air pollution and wants to fight lung diseases with numerous supporters and their know-how. This requires a technology for exact air measurement, which ATMOS developed together with Catalysts.

Using the highly complex GRASP algorithm, data can be captured from space and analyzed accurately. This makes it possible to tell where particles are located, at what height they float, how they are made and what they consist of. In addition, ATMOS Aerosol Research analyzes what kind of particles – i.e. whether they are sand, fine dust or – and this is the most important thing – health-promoting salt particles. It is a unique technology that has inspired many companies, including Renault.

The French car manufacturer took part in the opening of the #AUTFRA Landingzone, where ATMOS Aerosol Research was presented as an outstanding start-up, and was fascinated by the technology. This was followed by an invitation to Renault’s Technocentre to explore the possibilities of implementing ATMOS Aerosol Research in Renault’s product range.

picture from left: David Fuertes (GRASP), Dr. Maria Dietrich (ATMOS), Michael Aspetsberger (Segment Leader of Space Sciences), Laurence Berthier (Product Innovation Manager Renault), Christine GAGNEREAU (Product Innovation Director Renault), Chris Müller (ATMOS, Tabakfabrik)