SORAVIA Space – Urban development 4.0 from space.

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Urban development 4.0 from space.

Als innovativer Developer sucht SORAVIA permanent nach neuen Methoden, Technologien und KooperationspartnerInnen, um urbane Räume im Sinne einer nachhaltigen Gesellschaft weiter zu entwickeln. Durch die Technologie von ATMOS Aerosol Research ist SORAVIA in der Lage, vom Weltraum aus Luftqualität und -veränderung, Lücken in der Stadtentwicklung sowie permanentes Luftmonitoring am Boden durchzuführen. Das Wirken intelligenter Interventionen, wie etwa die Überplattung der Autobahn entlang des TrIIIple-Projektes, werden somit sicht- und messbar.

“We think globally, sustainably and literally in a 360o approach that reaches into the space. For this reason, we have invested in ATMOS AEROSOL RESEACH (AAR), a company that evaluates satellite data from NASA, ESA…. and generates the highest data worldwide. Data that can be used as a basis for Smart City projects or information on air quality, but also to identify gaps in construction for post – compaction. The view from the space enables a complete remeasurement of the earth, the regions and the cities”, says Erwin Soravia, who is the CEO of SORAVIA.

The ATMOS Aresosol Research GmbH was founded by Chris Müller (initiator ATMOS Selfness Resort and director of the “Tabakfabrik” Linz) and Christoph Steindl (CEO Catalysts).  Behind the founders, there is a worldwide network of scientists, health professionals, data analysts with locations in the USA, France, Romania, Austria and many more. All those, who are involved, are united in the will to act in the face of the alarming numbers of air pollution and to act to secure the future of the planet.

ATMOS AEROSOL RESEARCH can also provide information on infrastructure use and its impact on the environment, effects of urban development interventions, nitrogen oxides, environmental or storm damage or soil moisture. The technology is also used for monitoring pipelines and mines (e.g. gas and oil leaks), for measuring the surface temperature of seawater and land surface temperature or for geoengineering.

“The Aerosol Research completes the holistic overall approach, which both ATMOS and SORAVIA claim and which we will also incorporate into our construction projects in the future. Here we want to show more responsibility and share data with the public sector to protect the resource air”, says Erwin Soravia.

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With over 570 projects successfully completed and a project volume of over 5 billion euros, SORAVIA is one of the leading property project developers in Austria, Germany and CEE. In addition to its headquarters in Vienna, SORAVIA also owns local branches in foreign markets.
In addition to traditional project development, SORAVIA’s core business covers the entire value creation chain in the property sector – from construction work to property and asset management.
SORAVIA also has numerous holdings – from the world-renowned Dorotheum auction house to investment consultancy conmpany ifa AG (Institut für Anlageberatung). In addition, SORAVIA has a stake in “lean luxury” hotel chain Ruby Hotels. www.soravia.at