Jacqueline Gindy | 09.07.2019
ATMOS technology inspires Renault
  1. Maria Dietrich | 03.12.2018

    ATMOS: Resort & Research Take off – Creating Buildings, Exploring the Atmosphere, Defeating Diseases

    Strolling along Oxford Street for an hour increases the inflammation levels in the lungs. 90 percent of humans are exposed to bad air. Three of the five most frequent causes of death are related to the lungs (COPD, lung cancer, pneumonia). As the Climate Conference is starting in Poland, ATMOS Aerosol Research uses data from NASA and ESA to show the state of the air we breathe. What started as Chris Müller’s battle against his daughter’s incurable genetic defect (cystic fibrosis) is now assuming concrete shape – by now it is backed by a collaborative action team of supporters in the fields of medicine, science, technology and economics.
  2. Chris Müller | 18.10.2018

    “We’re aware of our privileged position”

    Without him there would be no ATMOS project development team, probably no design for the selfness resort by Coop Himmelb(l)au and ATMOS would still be a vision. Thanks to him it has already turned into a concrete project in which he has played a key role: my dear friend Erwin F. Soravia.
  3. Chris Müller | 13.06.2018

    Rare Airs and Rare Earth Elements

    In the 1990s, fresh air from a can was still a gag in satires by Mel Brooks. Today it’s reality. Air farming is a current trend in which fresh air is “harvested”, packaged and sold in jars, bottles or cans – usually to people in cities struggling with severe air pollution. Rare earth elements that are needed as parts for many smartphones and other technical devices continue to be raw materials in high demand. The same should be true for clean air. And once again, Hollywood rises to the occasion: Arnold Schwarzenegger warns against the effects of air pollution. In 2020 it will be the third leading cause of premature deaths. ATMOS – the city of airs – is a prototype at the right time.
  4. Maria Dietrich | 20.03.2018

    Europe’s most important tourism sales organization considers ATMOS an outstanding project

    ATMOS already has many supporters who are using their means to help transform a vision into reality. The latest patron is Wolfgang Altmüller, Chairman of the Executive Board at VR meine Raiffeisenbank eG and CEO of RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group GmbH, whose donation is now assisting people affected by mucoviscidosis and who wants to accompany ATMOS as a strategic sales partner for the long term.
  5. Chris Müller | 15.03.2018

    Aerosols, cigar smoke, cystic fibrosis and the Delphi in Silicon Valley

    A business trip to California, or more precisely: Silicon Valley – the magical place for innovation and digitization. And so many answers to questions we never dared ask: What does it feel like to fly through New York like a bird? Can’t my fridge shop on its own? Can we transfer ourselves to anywhere in the world as a hologram? Silicon Valley has a fascinating answer to all these questions. And then I caught myself wondering: “And what’s your answer to mucoviscidosis, Silicon Valley?” I thought I was standing at the Oracle of Delphi of the digital age. So much innovation, so much research money, so many new approaches... – and still nothing that can release my daughter from this (still) incurable genetic defect and project hope to everyone affected by it? But there is! We just have to rephrase the question.