Europe’s most important tourism sales organization considers ATMOS an outstanding project

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Europe’s most important tourism sales organization considers ATMOS an outstanding project

ATMOS already has many supporters who are using their means to help transform a vision into reality. The latest patron is Wolfgang Altmüller, Chairman of the Executive Board at VR meine Raiffeisenbank eG and CEO of RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group GmbH, whose donation is now assisting people affected by mucoviscidosis and who wants to accompany ATMOS as a strategic sales partner for the long term.

ATMOS doesn’t just need financial strength, medical expertise and construction know-how, it also needs a tourism network and the ability to recognize the innovative. Wolfgang Altmüller has this flair and a sales organization with around 7,000 travel agencies and about 2,000 employees. He sees ATMOS as a realistic vision needed by the tourism sector and anticipates a megatrend:

“Nothing is as consistent as change. With rapidly shifting living conditions, influenced by technical as well as social developments, tourism must also face the challenges of transformation. Environmental protection and the need for recreation are particularly important. This is why we’re following the development of the ATMOS Selfness Resort as a special place for creative inspiration and recuperation for all senses with great excitement. RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group GmbH is one of Europe’s most important sales organizations, so we and I personally as CEO are very pleased to support this outstanding project on its path,” Altmüller says.

Wolfgang Altmüller also generously donated € 5,000 to ATMOS. This amount was split equally and distributed without deductions to Cystische Fibrose Hilfe OÖ as immediate assistance and the CF Center at the Children’s Hospital in Vienna for research purposes. “In Wolfgang Altmüller we found a warm as well as powerful partner. I got to know and appreciate him as a visionary entrepreneur with integrity and empathic energy. His expertise and the internationally operating sales organization at Raiffeisen Touristik Group GmbH is another crucial factor for the success of our project“, says Chris Müller, Initiator of ATMOS.